EDXA Labs was founded in March 2021 by a group of developers who is primarily working on payment solutions. The emerging on DeFi and decentralize exchange spark an idea how the exisiting payment solution can leverage the decentralize exchange to improve international remittance. Common issues associate with conventional remittance is cost and speed.

EDXA might look similar to other established decentralize exchange such as PancakeSwap or Uniswap, but we are not. We are just using it as a tool to further integrate with existing payment system.

EDXA is not focus to become another exchange, we are working on real life payment solutions using the technology founded by Uniswap. We are not on the decentralize train hype, but we are looking to make centralize and decentralize work together.

Right now our foundation is on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), but some work is being done on other EVM compatible change such as Fantom and KuCoin Community Chain (KSC).

We are actively talking to people around the industry and establishing partners to work together and help accelerate the vision. We are in talks with eWallet dan remittance service provider, brokers and financial service to improve business efficiency and reduce cost. Partnership details will be reveal soon.

EDXA Labs is envisioned to be part of a new financial ecosystem that will connect cryptocurrency world to real world usage.

$EDXA is the main native token that powered EDXA Labs and incentives its holders.

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