How It Works ?

Our primary goal is to improve remittance efficiency and reduce cost.
First thing our partners will need to do is to integrate cryptocurrencies into their existing ecosystem. This can be either EDXA token, or can be their own tokens. If they choose to use their own tokens, EDXA will assist with the integration and deployment until it is available to the market. This will utilize the Launchpad platform.
Instead of building new tools, we are using existing tools such as wallets and exchanges. We want to ensure the business process is well integrated.
Once integrated, remittance can happen almost instantly anywhere around the world. And much safer as the token holder have absolute control of funds and transactions.
For settlement, we are tapping liquidity from existing exchanges to access other tokens or stable coins. Then is up to the partners how they wish to manage the assets.

EDXA Tokens

EDXA tokens will be the native currency around tools and services that being built by EDXA. Some examples, partners can choose to use EDXA as a utility token to facilitate payment for their services.
If they choose to have their own token, the can use EDXA to mine their own tokens.

What does this mean to EDXA token holders ?

For token holders, we foresee there is a potential demand in EDXA. Once the integration is functional, demand will increase and probably increase the token value.