How to Buy EDXA

1 - Get yourself BNB token BEP-20

2 - Go to EDXA Labs Exchange

3 - Click 'Unlock Wallet'

4 - Choose your wallet

4 - Select currency

5 - Type EDXA or use token address

EDXA Token Address: 0x952cEbF65f3A9F11ef0222Aefe0608d26621B097

6 - Enter an amount you want to exchange and click 'Swap'

7 - Click 'Confirm Swap'

9 - Click 'Confirm' to pay the gas price

9 - Wait for a moment for blockchain to update. EDXA Labs and your wallet will notify once transaction completed

10 - Check your wallet

Please ensure that you have add token address at your wallet to see your token. If not go to 'How to See EDXA Token at Wallet'

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