General FAQ

What is EDXA Labs?

EDXA Labs is a new Decentralized Exchange(DEX) Automated Market Maker(AMM) on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) which use chemicals theme.

Why is EDXA Labs is not in any charts like Coingecko or Coinmarketcap?

We are new. CG or CMC have strict rule to have coins listed. We are still working our way to get listed. At the moment, we have obtain listing in Pancake, Trustwallet and BSCScan.

What is EDXA Labs future plan?

Please refer to our Roadmap

Why $EDXA emission is small?

We do not want $EDXA token to be hyper-inflated. Small emission will translate better in the long run for EDXA Labs and $EDXA

Why is the APR in farms & pools is small?

One of the important thing that determine the APR is $EDXA emission. We have a small emission which translate small APR.

What determine farms & pools APR?

It will be influenced by token price, liquidity of LP, total stake and total emission.

Do you have any customer support?

We do not have any customer support same like any other AMM. You can reach our community in Telegram group. We are also compiling on "How To" and troubleshooting pages.

Do you have admins in Telegram group?

Currently we do not have admin in Telegram group. We will hire one admin before launch. They will only available at determine time. Our bot will notifies. In the future when EDXA Labs grows, we will get more admins.